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Standard Horizon DST525 In-Hull Depth Transducer

Standard Horizon DST525 In-Hull Depth Transducer

  • $123.53

Standards DST525 in-hull transducer easily adjusts to hull deadrise angles up to 22 . This ensures that the beam is vertically oriented to receive echos, resulting in accurate depth readings. Unlike traditional puck type transducers, the DST525 consists of a base that is bonded to the hull and filled with liquid. The separate transducer then attaches to the base with a twist lock. The sound waves travel more efficiently though the liquid, giving the best possible performance.

Nylon in-hull depth transducer for use in FF520/525 sounder modules, as well as CPF series plotter/sounder.

  • Depth
  • 50/200 kHz
  • 600 W RMS
  • Mid-Performance
  • Plastic